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Carports And Walkways

A.G. Welding fabricate and installs commercial carports and covered walkways. Carport options include single post cantilever or double post, gable roof or sloped roof, and numerous deck choices with 20 year to 30 year warranties. There are also optional accessories such as various trim styles and sizes, gutters, downspouts, and flashing. We also offer a wide selection of deck and trim colors.
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Doors And Security Grilles

A.G. Welding fabricates and install exterior doors, interior doors, and wine doors. Doors can be installed with or without tempered glass. We custom make our doors to fit the frame opening dimensions. We also fabricate and install entry gates that are installed at exterior doors and security grilles that are installed at windows. Designs can be very simple, resembling burglar bars, or very decorative and ornate providing both security and beauty. Photographs of our doors and security grilles are presented in this section.
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Fences And Gates

A.G. Welding fabricates and installs fences, walk gates, and drive gates using a variety of materials including iron, aluminum, chain-link, wood, and vinyl. We also install access control systems for drive gates. Our automatic gate operators may include some or all of the following: Remote transmitters; Push button keypad; Telephone entry system; Card readers, Safety and free exit loops; Loop detectors; Magnetic locks; and Emergency lockbox. Access control systems can be mechanical, solar powered or electric powered. Please contact an A.G. Welding representative for more information.
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Miscellaneous Metals Services

Miscellaneous metals include many of the metal items that are not included in structural steel. Some of the more common miscellaneous metal items are: Staircases; Railings; Dumpster gates; Bollards; Lintels; and Counter supports. Miscellaneous metal photographs are included in this section.
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Ornamental Metals Services

A.G. Welding fabricates and install beautiful ornamental railings. Railings are fabricated with forged iron, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, bronze, and stainless steel cable railing. We do renovations (existing railing is removed) and new construction. We can also fabricate straight staircases, curved staircases and spiral staircases. In this section are numerous photographs of some of the designs we have fabricated. You may select from the photographs in this section, or create your own design. Our work is all custom made.
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Press Releases & Awards

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Staircases And Railings

A.G. Welding fabricates and installs commercial and residential staircases and railings. Forged Iron Rail Iron Rail Cable Rail Glass Rail
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Structural Steel Services

Structural steel work includes fabricating and erecting columns, beams, joists and decking. We do ground-up, tenant build outs, and renovations. A.G. Welding carries commercial insurance including general liability, automobile, and workers compensation. We have an excellent safety record. Our field crews conduct daily onsite safety meetings, and arrive onsite with the proper personnel protective equipment (PPE). Photographs of structural steel projects we have worked on are included in this section.
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Past Projects

Website Photographs 106

Dick Graves Park Rodeo Gates – Houston, Tx

A.G. Welding fabricated and installed the Dick Graves Park rodeo gates, columns
DSC02615 (2)

Royal Oaks – Houston, Tx

A.G. Welding has worked in the Royal Oaks community since its inception in
Website Photographs 091

Ra Sushi Restaurant – Houston, Tx

A.G. Welding installed the monumental vertical stainless steel cable railing and
Amegy Bank Stair 010

Amegy Bank – Bellaire, TX

A.G. Welding did this ground-up erection including structural steel columns, bea
guadalajara (12)

Guadalajara del Centro Restaurant at Houston Pavillions – Houston, Tx

A.G. Welding did the tenant build out for this restaurant, including structural

Czech Center Museum

A.G. Welding installed the monumental hand forged iron stairs with bronze cap ra