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A.G. Welding fabricate and installs commercial carports and covered walkways. Carport options include single post cantilever or double post, gable roof or sloped roof, and numerous deck choices with 20 year to 30 year warranties. There are also optional accessories such as various trim styles and sizes, gutters, downspouts, and flashing. We also offer a wide selection of deck and trim colors.


  • Residential carports: If you do not have a garage, or cannot fit all of your vehicles in your garage, then a residential carport cover is the obvious solution. It will not only keep your car cool—it will also protect any and all belongings inside your vehicles.
  • Commercial carports: Restaurants, apartment complexes, retail shops, medical offices—if you run any type of business that requires customers to come to you, then you are going to want to hire A. G. Welding to give you the best carport covers in town.

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Carports can help apartment complex owners with planning and design to help develop the ideal covered parking solutions ...s

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